How to Use AWS Saving Plan

Savings Plans is a new and flexible discount model, which will provide the same discounts as Reserved Instances, in exchange for a commitment to use a specific amount (measured in dollars per hour) of compute over a one or three year period.

Savings Plans are available in all AWS regions except China. You can start purchasing and take benefit from it Today!

So, Let start the process without wasting more time:

1: Open Cloud Explorer

Cost Explorer console

2: Click on Recommendations within Savings Plans:

Saving plan recommendation

3: Choose Recommendation options, and review the recommendations:

Saving Plan dashboard

4: Select those, which you want to purchase, and Add them to my cart:

Saving Plan Add2Cart

5: When you are ready to proceed, click on View cart, review your purchases:

Saving Plan view cart

6: click on Submit order to finalize them.

Submit order

Now, Your Savings Plans become active. You can use the Cost Explorer’s Performance & Coverage reports to review your actual savings.

I :heart: AWS! :smile: Enjoy