HashiCorp Webinar: Stop Secret Sprawl with the New HCP Vault Radar


We're excited to share that HashiCorp is hosting a webinar titled "Stop Secret Sprawl with the New HCP Vault Radar." This interactive workshop is perfect for anyone managing sensitive data and secrets in their organization. You'll learn why rotating your secrets is so important and how the new HCP Vault Radar can help.

Webinar Details

Date and Time: 03 July 2024 | 06:30 AM GMT+5:30
Registration Link: Register Here

What You Will Learn

During the webinar, HashiCorp will cover a range of topics to help you keep your secrets safe and organized:

Secrets Lifecycle

HashiCorp will explain the full journey of a secret, from creation to disposal, and share best practices for managing them effectively.

Static Secrets Rotation

Learn how to regularly rotate static secrets like passwords and API keys to keep them secure.

Dynamic Secrets

Discover the benefits of dynamic secrets, which generate temporary credentials that expire automatically, enhancing your security.

Secrets Sync

Find out how to synchronize secrets across different platforms and environments easily and securely with HCP Vault Radar.

Secret Scanning

HashiCorp will show you how to scan your code and infrastructure for exposed secrets, so you can fix vulnerabilities before they become problems.

Unmanaged Secrets Discovery

Learn how to find and manage secrets that have been overlooked, reducing security risks.

Why Rotate Secrets?

If you don't rotate your secrets regularly, you risk secret sprawl (when secrets spread out of control) and leakage (when secrets get exposed). HashiCorp will discuss these risks and show how HCP Vault Radar can help you avoid them.

Why Attend?

By joining this webinar, you'll get the latest information on secret management and practical tips you can apply right away. The workshop format means you'll gain hands-on experience and leave with the knowledge to improve your security practices.

How to Register

Don't miss this chance to learn from the experts at HashiCorp and enhance your secret management skills. Register now to secure your spot in the "Stop Secret Sprawl with the New HCP Vault Radar" webinar.

We look forward to seeing you there!