Install ATOP and Sysbench in RHEL 7

Today we will learn, How to install "atop" and "sysbench" in RHEL 7.X.

Step 1: First update the packages:

1> yum update -y

Step 2: Enable EPEL repo:

1> cd /tmp
2> wget
3> ls *.rpm

Step 3: Install "ATOP"

1> yum install atop -y

Step 4: Install "sysbench"

1> yum install sysbench -y

The sample sysbench commands that you can use are:

sysbench --test=cpu --num-threads=16 --cpu-max-prime=100000 run

sysbench --test=memory --num-threads=16 --cpu-max-prime=100000 run

I :heart: LINUX! :smile: Enjoy